Public transport in Lusaka can appear chaotic, confusing, and intimidating. Underneath the surface, however, there is order. Unfortunately, there are no good resources to allow a public transport rider to grasp these operations at a systems or city-wide level. This blog has been created to support a project to create such a resource: a useful map of public transport in Lusaka.

This project is based on user-generated content. Most maps of public transport worldwide are created by the agencies that run the system (i.e., parties that already know what the entire system looks like). There is no equivalent of this type of agency in Lusaka and no evidence of such a map. In order to create this map, individual public transport riders will contribute information on the routes and stops that they know. Gradually and collectively, we will piece together the dynamic and evolving system that is public transport in Lusaka.

Are you merely interested in where public transport can take you in Lusaka? If so, you should monitor this site for links to steadily improving maps.

Are you interested in contributing to this project by providing information, ideas, or even just energy? If so, please submit feedback using the form below, or leave comments directly on this blog in the “leave a reply” boxes.



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